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The picture above and th next 4 pictuerbes below were submitted by Norma Hanner.

This picture is the house where My Grandma Katie moved when she married Will Eaton and came

came to Knoble AR. My dad Henry and his sister and brothers were raised in this house . I remember this house when I was a child and my dad farmed the land. By this time grandma lived in town. I don’t remember Grandpa Eaton at all.


Archibald Johnson Gordon and Frances Grammer Gordon

Arch (Mary Ann (Gordon) Johnson's great grandfather) was riding his horse threw poor farm woods (thinks) tree limb fell on him in a storm killing him .Nov-20-1874,Uncle John Gordon said his dad was buried in the Friendship Cemetery or Antioch Cemetery in Lamar co TX. near Biardstown TX. But Addie Mae

said some people say Rocky Ford Cemetery. No headstone.

They had 5 children: John A. Gordon, M.M. Mack Gordon, Wm. Henry Gordon,

Frances Elanie (Fannie) Gordon and

Rosetta Katheryn (Kate ) Gordon.

Grandama Gordon was pg. with my grandmother Kati when Grandpa Arch died .years later when Grandma Katie was pg with my dad my grandfather Henry Archer died, leaving her like her mother

was left years before with young children to take care of by her self .My grandmother married Will Eaton she got two of her children Etha and Willie married off in TX. then moved to Knobel AR. with the 4 youngest where they lived on a little farm and worked hard to make ends meet . I was told it was a rough life for them growing up .

hope you enjoy the picture I know I have thanks to Addie Mae Penny.


This is pictures of Archer Children

Children of Henry Marron and Rosetta Kathryn (Katie)Archer

is. picture Etha , Wilie and Della with their doll at this time they lived in Ada OK before their Dad passed away.

The second Picture is Della Carl Winford and Henry Archer after they moved to Knobel Ar. Etha and Carl died when the flue was so bad one week apart; once in TX the other in AR. Carl was about 18 years old and Etha was married to John Mc Cain and had little children she died at the birth of her last baby



Louisa Frances Grammer Gordon with her children
John, Henry Fannie and Katie


Aunt Kate and Uncle Phil.


Kate Eaton and Henry Gordon.

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Kate Eaton, Henry Gordons sister. Kate's first husband was an Archer. They had two sons, Winfred and Henry. (Henry Archer was Barbra Faifrchild's grandfather). After Mr. Archer died Kate came to Taylortown Texas from Knoble Arkansas, with Sister Virgie Hunter (later to be Temple), and Mary Jenkins (later to be Gordon), to hold a six weeks revival at what was later called the Gordon Shed, and sometime after that it was named the Union Church. Mary played the piano for Sister Virgie. During the revival Mary met Mack Gordon, and one month later they got married. Sister Virgie and Kate returned to Knoble without her. Later Kate married Mr. Eaton, they did not have any children.


Aunt Katie Rooks


Grandma & Grandpa Payne


Kate Eaton, Della Fraine, Winford Archer, and Henry


Deward Rooks, Phil Jones, Dor and Myrtle.


Grandpa Payne and Grandpa Gordon.


Henry Gordon, Myrtle Gordon, Maureen & Evie.


Aunt Fannie and Aunt Kate.


Grandma & Grandpa Payne, and Maureen.