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Vivian and Fred Price Family

Vivian and Fred Price Family

Vivian sent me these great pictures of her family.
Thanks Vivian, for sharing them.


Mary Louise age 3, Vivian age 5, and Dick age 1.


Charles (Dick) Edgar & Mary Viola (Johnson) Edger
and their daughter Vivian, (Me) age 1


Charles Richard (Dick) Edgar, my father, and his two daughters: Vivian (me) left, and Mary right. Picture taken in 1925.



Back row, left to right: Cary Price (Fred & Vivian's oldest son), Jimmy Price (Cary's son), Bret (John's oldest son), Johnny Price (Fred & Vivian's youngest son), Susan (Cary's daughter), Skip (Mary's oldest), and Kim (Skip's son-in-law).

Bottom row: Marla Thomas (Skip's second wife), Dino Mastrianni (Mary's youngest son. Mary is my sister), Linda Price (Cary's wife), Darlene Price (John's wife), Todd (John & Darlene's youngest son), Susan Mastrianni (Mary's middle son Victor's wife), and Dina (Skip's oldest daughter).

Seated: Fred & Vivian Price. (Vivian is the daughter of Mary Viola Johnson Edgar, and grandaughter of Sarah Wilson Johnson). The picture was taken  at Fred & Vivian's 50th Wedding Anniversary on 9-14-1991.

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Cary James, oldest son of Fred and Vivian (me), Fred, Vivian, and John Thomas, youngest son of Fred and Vivian.  Both boys have had successful careers.  Cary is a retired U.S. Forest Service Ranger.  He received several awards for his ideas on improving efficiency and safety in the service.  One such award came from President George Bush honoring him for his contributions to the Forest Service as a Point of Light.
Johnny is a self-employed Licensed Contractor.  He has built  and remodeled many beautiful homes.   He has an excellent reputation as being an honest and reliable contractor.  Most of his clients become his trusted friends.