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Thomas Dee & Mada Jenkins


Mary Ann's maternal grandparents were Thomas D. Jenkins; born April 26, 1892, and Mada Ellen (Melton) Jenkins; born December 25, 1897. Thomas' father was J. W. Jenkins. Mada's mother was Rachel Melton, born in 1866. Mada's father was Thomas Melton. They had six children; John, Thomas, Edward, Mada, Pearl and Alice.
Thomas D. Jenkins married Mada Melton in 1914. They had eight children. Effie, the oldest died at age 2 1/2. The others are: Mary Alice, Ann, David (Dave), Ina, Ellen, Bill and Yvonne (Von).

Mary Alice married Mack Gordon (they are Mary Ann's parents), Ann married Ray Pierce, David married Doris, Ina married Arthur Williams, Ellen married W.E. (Red) Richardson, Bill married Kerry Johnson, and Von married Kenneth (Ken) Howard.


Thomas & Mada Jenkins, and their baby Effie.


Thomas and Mada Jenkins were Mary (Jenkins) Gordon’s parents. Thomas was born April 26, 1892. His father was J.W. Jenkins. Mada (Melton) Jenkins was born December 25, 1897. Her mother, Rachel Melton, was born in 1866. She married Thomas Melton and they had six children: John, Thomas, Edward, Mada, Pearl and Alice.

Mada Melton and Thomas Jenkins were married in 1914. They had eight children: The first one born was Effie, the baby in the picture above. Effie died at the age of two years and six months. Then Mary, Ann, David ’Dave’, Ina, Ellen, Bill and Yvonne ’Von’.

Mary married Mack Gordon and they had four children: Joan, Peggy and Janice ’Jan’. Ann married Ray Pierce and they had two children: Betty and Karin. David Married Doris and they had three children: Barbara and Kevin. Doris had Wayne by her first husband. Ina married Arthur Williams and they had one child, Jimmy. Ellen married W.E. ’Red’ Richardson and they had one child, Grant. They later adopted two more children.

Bill married Kerry Johnson, Earl Johnson’s sister. Bill and Kerry have three children: Vance, Shawn and Stacey ’Stace’. Yvonne married Kenneth Howard and they had three children: Monte, Marsha and Mandel.

Kerry Johnson and Bill Jenkins (Mary Ann’s uncle) were introduced by Earl and Mary Ann Johnson. Not long after Earl and Mary Ann married they went to a family dinner at the home of Thomas and Mada Jenkins, Mary Ann’s grandparents, and Kerry went with them. Kerry and Mary Ann were friends from school and Kerry introduced Mary Ann to her brother, Earl. In fact, Mary Ann and Earl double dated with Kerry and a fellow. Anyway, when they went to the Jenkins home for the family dinner they introduced them, and as they say, the rest is history. From that day, Kerry and Bill started dating and soon they were married. Kerry, Earl’s sister, and Mary Ann‘s sister-in-law, is now Mary Ann’s aunt, and Earl’s aunt by marriage. That brought the two sides of the family close together.

Also, Mary Ann and Earl introduced Yvonne Jenkins and Kenneth Howard. Earl and Kenneth went to school together at Delmar High School and were good friends. They had some of the same classes together and also ran around together. After Earl saw Yvonne he told Kenneth about her and how pretty she was. A meeting was arranged and soon they were going together. They were married soon after that.


Standing: Mary, Von, Ina and Ellen
Seated: Bill, Dee and David 


The little girl at far left is Jan. Then - Dee, Mada, Mary, Ann, David, Ina, Ellen, Bill & Von. The man at far right is Arthur Williams.



Thomas & Mada


Thomas & Mada's 50th anniversary, December 20, 1964


Bill & Kerry


Bill and Ina



 Five Generation Picture, 1981
Thomas D. Jenkins, Mary (Jenkins) Gordon, Mary Ann (Gordon) Johnson [holding Melanie, Debbie's daughter] and Debbie (Johnson) Newsom.


Thomas & Mada


Mary (Jenkins) Gordon


David and Bill


Von, Joan & Mary Ann

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